I decided to venture out today despite the ridiculous winds that have decided to lay waste to our neighborhood.  I was also the only one running against the wind today at the park; foolish perhaps, or simply brave exercising.  Data to follow in the morning.

From this afternoon…

The second run is now complete. I actually started feeling a few rain drops before I even got to the park which made me reconsider going at all today, but I pushed forward and it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable run. I had every intention of trying to run a much slower pace than my previous run last week, but unfortunately it would appear that I actually had faster split times today. I was shooting for a pace around 9:30 to 10:00 minutes just to ease myself back into a sensible schedule, but I seem incapable of not speeding up at random times; definitely something I need to work on.

I also decided that instead of running from my apartment to the park where I do the majority of my run, that I would walk the mile it takes to get there in order to avoid as much concrete as possible. I did however decide to start my watch during this walking portion, which does alter the overall pace, but not the individual split times. I did walk to the park this time, but ran home due to not wanting to get soaked by an approaching thunderstorm. Next time I hope to be able to walk both ways.

Now time for the numbers:


As  you can see from the first box, the overall pace was just over 10 minutes, which is due to the 17 minute walk to the park. I’m still using my trusty Asics, which I plan to use for another hundred miles or so. Looking at the splits, my fastest mile was 8:02, which is definitely faster than I would have liked considering the down time that I’ve had.

Below are the actual pace numbers for each category. The overall running pace was 8:36, which is about 1:30 faster than I was shooting for. So next time I will need to slow it down considerably. As far as the HR zones, staying in 4 and 5 for the majority of the run was a definite plus, which I attribute to the course more than anything; there are several hills and sloping areas that can either be fun or exhausting depending on which way you’re heading.


Back at once again…

My last run here in Portland occurred back in November 2011.  It was shortly after this point that I was persuaded to turn my exercise routine indoors on account of the cold weather, or so that is what I have been telling myself since then.  Back in 2007-2008, when I lived in Norfolk, VA I can remember running daily in weather that was considerably cooler than what I have experienced in Portland, to the tune of approximately 20-30 degrees.

Last Friday, I decided that I would venture outside once again, primarily to see if I had lost “something” from not having run in such a long time.  I was surprised to see that my pace was quite similar to previous runs, although the day after I definitely regretted not having gone much slower and easing back into things.

It would seem that we are in for a short period of dry weather now, so I find myself anxious to get back to my old daily routine.  I will report back with my stats this afternoon.  I’m hoping to get in right around 7 miles once I complete my usual course, with a much slower pace than last time.

Silver Falls State Park, OR

My latest from this past weekend.

Sandy River Delta and Mt. Tabor, Portland OR

A collection of shots from recent visits to two different parks; one in Portland and the other in Troutdale, both in Oregon. The first half of the video is from the Sandy River Delta park, which runs along both the Sandy River and the Columbia River.

The second half of the video was captured in Mt. Tabor during the later hours of the day in order to test out the low light capabilities of the GH2 with new hack settings.

I used the 20mm Panasonic and the 9-18 Olympus, mounted on a glidetrack hybrid.